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Custom Query Executors

Although SynthQL provides great support for fetching data from your database, not all data comes from databases. Custom query executors let you execute parts of a query tree using a custom executor function.

This can be used to fetch data from a source other than your database, such as a REST endpoint, a file or any other data source you can imagine.

How can I configure a custom executor‚Äč

When constructing a QueryEngine you may pass a list of executors. In this example we're configuring a custom executor for the rotten_tomatoes_rating table.

import { QueryProviderExecutor } from "@synthql/backend";

interface DB {
film: { id: number, title: string },
rotten_tomatoes_rating: { title: string, rating: string }

const rottenTomatoesRatingProvider = new QueryProviderExecutor([{
table: 'rotten_tomatoes_rating'.
execute: (query) => {
return fetchRottenTomatoesRating(query)

new QueryEngine({
executors: rottenTomatoesRatingProvider

This lets you build queries like:

export function findFilm(id: number) {
const rating = from('rotten_tomatoes_rating')
.columns('title', 'rating')
.where({ title: col('film.title') })

return from('film').columns('id', 'title').include({ rating }).many();

The query engine will send the film query to the database, and the rotten_tomatoes_rating query to the query executor.