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Welcome to SynthQL

A full stack, type-safe client to your PostgreSQL database with a focus on DX and performance.

SynthQL lets you query your database directly from the browser, helping you create large object graphs without the need for implementing custom endpoints.

SynthQL is written in TypeScript, and runs on the browser and Node.js.



SynthQL queries can be written both on the client and server.

Plain-data queries

SynthQL queries are plain data. They can thus be serialized, deserialized, and transformed by regular function.

Composable queries

SynthQL's query language is composable, allowing you to build complex queries from simple ones.

Lazy queries

Lazy queries help you split large object graphs to optimize page load.

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SynthQL provides mechanisms for whitelisting queries, restricting access to columns and restricting access to rows.

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Custom query executors

Queries are compiled by default to a single SQL query, query executors let you resolve queries from HTTP endpoints, files, e.t.c.

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SynthQL can automatically generate TypeScript types from your database schema.

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Denormalized cache

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