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Getting started

Install the NPM package

Start by installing the SynthQL packages.

# Backend packages
yarn add @synthql/backend @synthql/queries @synthql/cli

# Frontend packages
yarn add @synthql/react @synthql/queries

Generate types

Then generate the types from your database using the @synthql/cli.

# --url is the database connection URL
# --dir is the path where the schema will be generated [Defaults to src/]
yarn run synthql generate --connectionString=postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/postgres --out=src --defaultSchema=public --schemas public pg_catalog

This will generate a file at src/generated/synthql/db.ts.

Write your first query

import { from } from 'src/db';

const users = from('users').select('id', 'email').many();

Setup the query engine

The QueryEngine compiles SynthQL queries into SQL and sends them to the database.

const queryEngine = new QueryEngine({
url: process.env.DATABASE_URL,

// execute the users query